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Are You Ready To Finally Regain Control And Confidently Help Your Child With Eczema 
(So You Can Start Living Your Lives Again)
The Eczema Roadmap, 
Gives you confidence, empowering you with the right tools and insights to help your child immediately....
Dr Melissa Raymond, PhD
Mum of 2 Now Eczema Free Children
Physiotherapist for over 15 years

Dear Fellow Mum,
If you want to become confident, helping your child with eczema by doing more than just managing symptoms and actually addressing the root causes...

Then this may be the most important letter you read.

Especially if:
  •  You've spent the last 3-12 months researching how to help your child - hours in FB groups for eczema, eczema blogs or PubMed interpreting research, yet are still searching for the right information,
  •  You wake up anxious about how your child’s skin will be today thinking about the weather and 
  •  You feel like you are constantly playing detective to figure out if it was the banana or the heat or other unknown that triggered this latest flare
It feels like it never going to end...the frustration, the guilt, the helplessness you feel. 

It’s overwhelming isn’t it?

And it’s because eczema is such a complex condition with multiple contributing factors.

And the most common approach does not fully address the underlying causes!

As a mum and someone working in the health field it drove me crazy for years...

Let me explain...

As you probably already know, typical approaches to treat eczema only address the skin.

But kids with eczema can be affected by the environment, the food they eat, their genetics, and their ‘gut health’.

And without nailing these individual but interlinked pieces of the puzzle, the merry-go-round will continue.

Plus the fact that eczema is also associated with allergies, asthma and hayfever!

I bet you’ve also been told that your child will ‘probably grow out of it’!

But 25% of kids with eczema do not ‘grow out of it’ in adulthood.

And for the kids that do see relief in their teens, it can mean years and years of living with eczema through kinder and school before this may happen..

How will you know if your child is one of these ‘lucky ones’?
Are you happy to sit back and 
wait years and years to find out? 
If you are like I was...

There is NO WAY IN HELL you will sit by as your little one suffers the constant itch, dry skin and terrible sleep that eczema brings.

Not to mention the teasing, bullying and suffering that they go through when they hit school!

Because one of the additional, painful aspects of all skin conditions is that they are accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt.

Your child can start to feel ashamed of their skin as they become more self-conscious about their appearance (around the age of six to seven).

Heartbreaking isn’t it?
And it is not just the children that suffer either is it?
The guilt of maybe ‘passing it on’ to them, the embarrassment of other
people’s behaviour, the shame of not being able to ‘fix it
and the frustration of not knowing what to do next.

It’s crushing isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way...

You simply don’t have to:
  •   Remain on the merry-go-round of stress, overwhelm and confusion with the limited and confusing information out there
  •   Continue with the pain and distress of your child suffering with the itching and scratching, the sleepless nights, and the fatigue the next day 
  •   Stay in isolation and loneliness on this journey
  •   Continue to spend most of your waking hours thinking about your child’s skin
  •   Remain in the world of constant questions and second-guessing yourself...What is the weather going to be today? ...What food or dust or stress or environmental trigger etc caused this latest flare up? 
  •   Continue with this exhausting and never-ending mental load
  •   Keep your life on pause 
  •  Wait the typical 17 years that it takes for today’s research to be implemented into medical practice - so you can finally hear this information from your practitioner in 2036 (!) 
  •   Feel like you have no control
And I certainly don't want you to: 
  •   Go through 16 months or longer (like I did) of exhaustion from your child in distress, the sleepless nights, of you feeling isolated in your journey to find answers, and the heavy mental load
  •   Spend $3,150 seeking out various health professionals to learn different pieces of the puzzle that they all may or may not offer  
  •   Searching for 100’s of hours, wading through and deciphering 372+ research studies with medical jargon and statistics… which  can be difficult and dangerous to interpret without the full text access or a PhD to understand the true results and implications of the studies and what that means for your child 
  •   Continue with the cycle of hopefulness, expense and then disappointment of yet another cream that never seems to help enough
  •  Remain on that elimination or restricted diet long term that will likely make your child’s health worse (and yours too if you are breastfeeding)  
  •   Continue in a state of overwhelm, being stressed out, yet no further along in helping your child 
  •  Have your family and loved ones continue to worry about you and make ‘helpful’ suggestions on what they believe you should do 
There is another way!
An evidenced-based, actionable and practical way...
Designed to have you feeling confident and
empowered with the right information to help your child immediately…
You see...

As a health professional the big question on my client’s minds is... 
How can I become knowledgeable and empowered to  
REALLY  help my child with eczema?
Many come to me:

- Heartbroken at seeing their child in distress. 

- Exhausted from the sleep-interruped nights.

- Having spent 6-12 months searching for the answers on their own, yet still stuck in the same place

But the biggest reason is this:
They come to me because they know or 
have seen me regain control over my son’s eczema long term.
It took me 1000’s of hours of interpreting current medical research,

3 different diets, 13 creams, down to 3 ‘tolerated foods’,

Over $3150 on a dozen different health professionals (alone!) to
find the right tools and approaches to finally help my child...
but I have finally found the pieces of the puzzle.
You see...

I began searching for evidence-based approaches to this problem for my little boy over 8 years ago.

At the time I was doing my PhD (in physiotherapy) and used my research skills and access to medical research papers to discover causes of eczema and treatments for it.

I was spending hours researching and so much money (and time) on health professionals to obtain various golden nuggets of expertise from each of them to trial with my son.

I too have had those sleepless nights, the soul-searching, the lonely journey of trying things a different way....

Yes, I have also been there.

But, in fact, that was how I discovered this approach to begin with!

Here’s what I mean…

When my son developed eczema at the age of 4 months, I wanted to help him by stopping his suffering for good…

Because for him (and hubby and I), better skin meant…
Benjamin, 2 years 11 months
  •  No more itching, bleeding, suffering...
  •  Precious sleep... More energy and patience
  •  Being able to go out in public confidently without feeling judged…
  •  No more constant stressing about the weather (will it be hot today?), obsessing over what triggered the last flare up, or what will trigger the next
  • Getting control of our life back
  •  Freedom to focus on a life of fun and adventure that didn't revolve around skin...
So… determined to find a solution, I began down the research rabbit hole of causes of eczema and treatments for it (you might have been there yourself too!)

I would jump at any new suggestion of a ‘cure’ or a long-term solution…

And then become completely overwhelmed trying to implement every suggestion out there, without thinking about it properly with the one thing that I had going for me...
My science-y brain! 
And here is what happened...

I had been confused as things were just not lining up!

The advice I had received from the many specialists we had consulted with was conflicting.

The information I found online was crazy (and some downright dangerous)
SIDE NOTE: There is absolutely a time and place to take advice from bloggers and unknown people on online forums…

They’re great if you’re looking for a recommendation about the newest phone to purchase or a reliable handyperson…

However, if you’re talking about the health of your child you really need to look at the child as a whole, not as a comment on a Facebook group.
I was totally disheartened at not seeing improvements in my son’s skin…

We were told that he would likely have eczema for life.

A life of steroids daily - or at minimum applied 2-3 times per week.

A year of antibiotics if things didn’t improve.

Bleach baths with White King.

And if his skin got worse… wet dressings and hospital stays.

But the worst part was…

And I was beginning to feel like they were right.

That he would have eczema for life.

That this would just be his future.

Being the one who was different and picked on by other kids for his eczema skin and food allergies. 

Not being able to ever go to the beach because the heat and the sand and the sea flared up his skin so bad. 

Forever eating chicken, rice and pears because they were the only foods he didn’t react to.

Feeling isolated and lonely on his journey, always uncomfortable in his own skin - literally.

This. Broke. My. Heart.

And the diagnosis of eczema (and allergies) came as a complete surprise to my husband and I because we didn’t have eczema or allergies ourselves.

- Steroids for life scared me.

- Antibiotics for a year frightened the crap out of me.

Wouldn’t there be side-effects and consequences for his health longer-term?

There was so much conflicting information from doctors, medication package inserts, pharmacists, other health professionals and the internet.

After 16 months of trialling different 3 different diets, 15+ different creams and spending over $3150 on 12 different specialists… we were only a little bit closer to better skin.

After all that wasted effort, time and money… well you know what, I was heartbroken.

It just didn’t make sense either.

I’d done everything I’d been told I was supposed to do.

But by focusing on this scatter-gun approach, jumping at any miracle solution and always second guessing myself…
Even with a severely restricted diet, we never reached "baseline"... where our son's skin was clear without  regular topical medications 
Not even close.

No matter how well we implemented everything.

No matter which new eczema cream we tried.

Or how strict we were with removing certain foods from our diet.

And the $$$ kept flowing out the door, even my hubby started to get doubtful.

And the most embarassing part of all this was...
My family cared so much about me and were so worried about my stress levels and health at the time (I lost over 12kg) staged an intervention!

But like you, I just couldn’t give up. 
But Then Just a Few Months Later 
Everything Changed.... 
And my son went from terribly itchy, dry, bleeding skin from head to toe, to beautiful skin all over!

Without spending any more money…

Without the sleepless nights up late constantly searching for answers…

And without any further family “intervention”! 

So, how did we do it?

Well, here’s the answer…

(But first a quick warning… it requires some changes but is not as complicated as you might think)
I stopped worrying about only 
symptom management...

And I simply started addressing the root causes!
Meaning… I had finally put the many pieces of the puzzle together.

From my months and months of scouring medical journals for the research evidence, I knew that was it!

It all makes sense.

I told you it wasn’t that complicated, right?!

When I gave up obsessing about only suppressing the symptoms

And focused on the reasons why my son had eczema…

Things clicked into place!
Well Here’s What Happened:
Firstly, my son’s skin started to change for the better, 

...no more bleeding
...no more scabs
and a huge reduction in redness.

He was more settled, slept better and was simply just happier.

And all this by addressing the known causes as reported in current medical research.

I didn’t need to worry about the symptoms any more….

Because they were not longer being the major concern they once were. 

I could reduce the obsessing over food, weather, and mysterious triggers that I wasn’t vigilant enough to pin point…

And the reason why was…

Eczema is a complex condition with multiple contributing factors.

And unless you remove triggers and address the root cause...

Things will never change

Especially without a vague timeframe or hope of “they will probably grow out if it”

By just focusing on the root causes, everything changed.

As a Dr I knew why...

It’s a well-accepted fact research takes 10+ years to be put into practice and accepted by medical profession…sometimes even longer - 17 years.

That’s about 10 years from when researchers make cutting edge discoveries to them coming to light in the public eye!

But 10 years is too long for anyone, right?

I mean, I have gorgeous extended family members and friends who have not “grown out of it” and I refuse to let sufferers worry about eczema at school or worse, as an adult.

I wanted to cut out SIGNIFICANT time from proven-into-practice by showing parents the latest research from now.

2019, not 2009 or earlier!

When I share this information with other parents, I get some concerns such as…

“But Melissa, they keep telling me there’s no link with eczema and diet”

“But Melissa, there’s got to be a cream that I haven’t tried yet that will just fix it all...”

 “But Melissa, I feel totally overwhelmed and I do not know where to start!”

“But Melissa, it all seems too hard…”

To which I always reply…

I felt exactly the same way!

And it’s why I resisted addressing the root cause for so long, so if that’s how you feel…I totally understand.
But I also have a secret to share....
I didn’t just “magically” overcome these challenges by “hoping” that one day, my child would just grow out of it…. 

Or by doing that extra moisturising, my son’s skin would just be 100% better….


It was through a lot of trial and error…

Advice from many different expert health professionals….

And literally 1000’s of hours reading and interpreting many 100’s of medical journal papers on eczema.

I want parents like you to be saved the months upon months of time wasted in searching for this information themselves...

...To have all of this evidence-based eczema information in one place. 

I want parents to be control with a jargon-free, step-by-step action plan, a roadmap that’s evidence-based and already interpreted for you by someone with a PhD (that’s me!).

A way for parents to reduce the overwhelm, the loneliness and the heart break on this journey when approaching eczema with all its contributing factors!

So I created...
The Eczema Roadmap
Designed to have you feeling confident, empowered with the right information to help your child immediately.
The Eczema Roadmap
Inside The Eczema Roadmap, you'll find 6 modules of in-depth video training lessons along with audio files, weekly step-by-step action plans, references to share with your health professionals, e-Books (delicious healthy gut recipes, DIY skin care, DIY cleaning products), stress-relieving strategies, plus a very special bonus module on natural approaches to health for your family!

Each are short and to the point…


Actionable and Practical…

Designed to have you feeling confident, empowered with the right information to help your child’s eczema.

I leave nothing out to help you really help your child!

The Eczema Roadmap has it all at your fingertips.

Everything that you need so you are equipped with the tools, trainings, & guidance to save you countless years of "wrong" turns.

With the Step-By-Step video trainings, you have the opportunity to do it in a few hours, a little each day or over a week.

It’s your choice how you do it is up to you!

  •  downloadable quick reference sheets
  •  reputable resource guides
  •  step-by-step checklists
  •  easy to implement action plans
...you'll have access to an approach that I have created for parents just like you, so you can break free of simply treading water, feeling helpless, like you have failed your child and to finally be able to move forward through the overwhelm to the confidence that you can really help your child.

And because each module comes with an Implementable Action Plan and handy references, you can get started immediately…. most of the work has been done for you!
But before we take a closer look inside, I want to check in with you.

Because my program is not for everyone!
It is only suitable for you if:
  •  You have a child diagnosed with atopic eczema
  •  You are ready and looking for some evidenced-based natural options to help your child 
  •   You are overwhelmed with all the information on addressing the root causes and are unsure where to start
  •  You understand that there is no simple cure or one-size-fits-all approach but that there are common triggers and various options to help your child – and addressing these may help your child 
  •  You want a step-by-step roadmap for what to look out for and approaches to help your child 
But if you are: 
  •  Not ready or wanting to change anything for you or your child with eczema
  •  Looking for a cure or a quick fix
  •  Expecting the journey to be easy and straight forward 
Please don’t invest your time and money in this. This is not the right thing for you.
Now let's have a closer look now at what 
you're going to get inside... 

Module 1 - Understanding Eczema
The What, Why and How's of atopic eczema.... Discover the top food and environmental triggers that every parent needs to know so you can reduce your child's flare ups and reduce their suffering straight away. 
  • Finally discover the causes behind eczema. It actually is more than “no reason”
  •  Unveil the top food triggers that every parent needs to know. It is actually more than just allergies 
  •  The little known but common food triggers that are found in nearly every healthy snack. What’s in your fruit bowl may actually be making your child’s skin worse
  •  The 2 things most dermatologists will not tell you… that you need to know to help your child 
  •  Secondary pollutants that sneak under the ‘mummy radar’ that can trigger flare ups daily 
  •  The three M’s to successful treatment for your child 

Module 2 – Gut Health 
Many of us have heard that what’s going on in your gut has a huge effect on your immune system. In fact 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut. That’s why one of the major causes of eczema is a poorly functioning intestinal tract. Now you can turn that around and tame the tummy, turning it into the core centre of healing!
  • Why taking a probiotic may be a complete waste of time and money, and how it actually may flare up your child’s skin
  •  What to focus on with gut health and healing so you can bring your child back into balance  
  •  Recipes on EASY and delicious gut health promoting foods. It can be such a chore to cook and be prepared with food options for your child… quick and easy – and delish – recipes make it so much easier to help address this root cause 
  •  The key details that you must record to get the most out of your food diary, not just the food itself. More than just food, these often neglected but important causes for eczema flare ups rarely get mentioned but can make a significant impact on your child’s skin 

Module 3 – Environment
This is an important one, as it will reveal why you should never ignore your home environment as a trigger – and what to do about it.

Hear from our expert professional Bronwyn Bennett, a leading Building Biologist from Creating Healthy Spaces on the main environmental triggers to be aware of and some simple tips on how to turn these around.

Inside this module you will:
  •  Begin your Healthy Home Audit. We spend 90% of our lives indoors
  •  Learn to identify potential household hazards related to your health concerns 
  •  Uncover how to finally deal with allergens like mould and dustmites 
  •  Have Wi-Fi on all day? The truth about technology's effects on our bodies

Module 4 – Low Tox Skin Care and Cleaning
Overcome the myth that everything ‘natural’ is safe and learn why ‘Low tox’ doesn’t mean low quality
  •  Cleaning without harmful chemicals! (My personal favourite) How you can cut your cost, cleaning time and concerns down all at once!
  •  Discover the top 5 myths that you need to know about ‘natural’ skin care products, that retail giants don’t want you to know 
  •  Learn to make my 50c cleaning spray in 10 seconds that will replace every cleaning spray in your house 
  •  How to uncomplicate the move from your day-day skin care routine to a low tox option in 2 easy steps
  •  PLUS, I walk you through exactly how to make your own moisturiser in less than 3 minutes...while also saving you money!
The Eczema Roadmap  gives you the best choice in products you can use on your child’s skin and in your home. Fast, convenient and easy to find or even create yourself

Module 5 – Looking After You

Because you are the most important piece of the puzzle.

The hidden side of eczema... its effect on you.

The guilt of maybe ‘passing it on’, the embarrassment of other people’s behaviour, the shame of not being able to ‘fix it’ and the frustration of not knowing what to do next, all can lead to anxiety.

Anxiety becomes a trap. 

The more you feel anxious, the more your child senses this, and the more stress hormones are released, causing eczema to flare up.

And for breastfeeding mums, nourishing yourself and reducing the stress will help nourish your children too.

I don’t tell you this to bring on more guilt, I tell it to you because there are some simple and effective ways you can manage this and take good care of you.

I believe Healthy Mums, Healthy Kids

So, I have brought in an expert Anna Bidgood, specialist practitioner, renowned for leaving her clients feeling calm, deeply centred, empowered, motivated and more certain of themselves and their direction.

Anna will teach you a secret technique with the roots developed thousands of years ago that you AND your entire family can use – ANY time of day – to reduce stress, overwhelm, fear or anxious feelings.

This is a tool you can use now and for the future (especially in the terrible twos and teenage years).

Discover quick and easy ways to reduce stress and overwhelm, promote restful sleep, and feel confident with implementing strategies learnt inside The Eczema Roadmap.

The Eczema Roadmap gives you tool you can use now and for the future 
(especially in the terrible twos and teenage years).

Module 6 – Working With Health Professionals
Feel calm, confident, empowered and level the playing field with your doctor… to get the most out of your sessions and the best bang for your buck (because goodness knows you’re paying a lot for these expert health professionals)!

Benefit from the in-depth knowledge and experience of expert health professionals who can guide you further towards more specific pieces of the puzzle to optimise diet and lifestyle so you can reduce your stress and overwhelm, and be empowered with knowledge and strategies to best advocate for and help your child. 
  •  My 'Health Professional Detective Question Checklist' you need to take with you to every health professional appointment
  •  The top questions you MUST ask your health professional so you can effectively advocate for your child
  •  Expert Secrets Revealed! Listen in with Karen Chipperton, Holistic Medicine Practitioner (naturopath, homeopath, registered nurse) from the Blossom Clinic, shares her 30+ years of experience working with families and kids with eczema. She shares her wisdom and must-know strategies for minimising eczema so you can reduce the suffering of your child with these approaches 
  •  Discover quick and easy ways to reduce stress and overwhelm, promote restful sleep, and feel confident with implementing strategies learnt inside The Eczema Roadmap 
  •  Dealing with stress for you and your child? Hear from our expert kinesiologist Megan McIntyre from Restored Balance on how deep seated emotions and sub-conscious may be expressed as eczema (you know, the stress or fear that can manifest as a headache/migraine, rash or tummy ache). She reveals how she helps her clients at a deeper level to lift these physical symptoms and shares her top tips for relieving stress FAST
The Eczema Roadmap gives you the ‘in the trenches’ insight from experienced health practitioners who are treating children each and everyday. Discover the latest and current treatments, what’s working now from the leaders in the field.

Here is what you will get inside The Eczema Roadmap
Step-by-Step Transformation Portable Portal

Video & Audio online ALL the time... With the Step-By-Step Training 

Program released each week. You have the opportunity to complete in a few hours, a little each day or over a week. It’s your choice: how you do it is up to you. On-demand online training means it is best suit to you, wherever you are and whatever your schedule. It includes everything that you need so you are equipped with the tools, trainings, & guidance to save you countless months of "wrong" turns. You'll have access to an evidence-based approach that will banish the overwhelm and gain you the information and confidence you need to move forward to help your child with eczema. And with access for 6 months you can keep coming back to relisten and remind any time you need to.

Instructional Videos and Actionable Activities

Each module includes specific video lessons that walk you through vital insights for each of the topics and lessons you need to know to understand the bigger picture of eczema with the right information at the right time. The program comes complete with downloads, exercises & simple actions to gain the tools and confidence you need to help your child’s eczema.

Support From Others On The Journey

We often hear that being on a different journey can feel like a lonely one with our friends and family sometimes just not ‘getting’ where you’re headed. The Eczema Roadmap offers you the opportunity to connect with other people who know what you are going through, in a supportive and controlled environment. You will be invited to join our private and confidential Facebook Community so you can make connections, receive peer support, feel understood and celebrate the wins together!

Mum2Mum Money Back Guarantee
You just can’t lose with my ‘Mum2Mum 14 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

Watch through the videos, see for yourself just how quickly you can understand the triggers and gain the confidence with how to move forward treating your child’s eczema. Follow along with my guides and have my checklists on hand. You’ll be so impressed with having this vital information at your fingertips to help your child improve you will wonder why you waited this long to get started.

And if you are like 99.9% of my clients you will be really happy with the quick and easy training that helps you take action for your child with eczema. However, in the unlikely event you are not, contact me directly within 14 days and I will courteously and promptly, give you your money back

So if you are ready to...

End your overwhelm, stress, and constant worry about your child with eczema...

Then click the button below to get immediate access to The Eczema Roadmap today so you can set your child up for the best possible future... 
The Eczema Roadmap
  •  Has all of the evidence-based information on eczema in one place, saving you months and months of stress and time wasted in searching for this information yourself. 
  •  Helps you escape the guilt trap, feeling trapped and overwhelmed with the advice you receive
  •  Puts you in control in your child’s health and be empowered to make these positive changes today 
  •  Allows you to stop worrying that your child will have this for the rest of their life
  •  Gives you actually clarity on what you can do to help your child be free from the pain and the embarrassment that comes with this awful condition
  •  Helps you discover the link between gut health and eczema 
  •  Shows you how to avoid the prolonged suffering and distress of your child itching and scratching, the sleepless nights, the constant worries of seeing specialists and spending thousands of dollars and getting nowhere
  •  Makes it easy to navigate the conflicting information about how to start and how to get help 
  •  Gives you more confidence in your ability to help your child
  •  Reveals the chemicals you need to avoid that your cupboards are probably full of right now! 
  •  Shows you how to soothe eczema without the guesswork 
  •  Debunks the 5 myths about ‘natural’ skin care products you must know 
  •  Empowers you to help your child address eczema at the root causes - now and for their future 
  •  Teaches you exactly what to do to choose Eczema safe products, making it second nature 
  •  And finally, allows you to make changes right now to help your child straight away, instead of wasting time searching for the answers yourself
You’re Also Getting A Bonus Moule 
Natural Approaches To A Healthy Family, FREE!
“Thank you Melissa for all the details and hard work you put into this really well organized, comprehensive course. The food triggers section was really eye-opening, especially the naturally occurring chemicals. It's going to take a lot of work to figure this out, but I'm glad to have some clear direction on what to specifically look out for. “

- Jessica S -

“I’ve just finished module one, thanks for such a wonderful resource Melissa Raymond. You’ve done a great job putting all the info together, and presenting it in such an easy to understand manner.... It’s nice to find a group of people who appreciate how it feels to have a child with eczema.... Thanks Melissa! You are wonderful making yourself so available

- Steph C -
So here is your next step in your child’s health...

The time to act is now.

The longer you wait, the more time you’re losing.

And remember, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by taking advantage of this offer today. 

Your investment is fully guaranteed.

And just think, instead of spending months and thousands of dollars on creams, specialists, recommendations from bloggers like I did… you get an shortcut… a roadmap to set your child up for their best possible self.

Click below now and get taken to my secure ordering page.

So don’t fool around with this one. 

Today, you can begin to be confident and have a clear and achievable action plan so you can really begin to help your child or you can continue to experience the overwhelm, stress, and heartbreak at seeing your child in distress.

But there is a cost of inaction:

You can...

Remain on the merry-go-round of stress, overwhelm and confusion with searching for information here and there….

Suffer the pain and distress of your child suffering, sleep-interrupted nights…

Spend more time in isolation and loneliness on this journey…

Continue to spend most of your waking hours thinking about your child’s skin

Experience the constant questions… What is the weather going to be today? What food or dust or stress or environmental trigger flared up my child’s skin?

Continuing with this constant mental load and feelings of being out of control

Or you can buy fully refundable The Eczema Roadmap today and get started right now so you can regain control to confidently help your child with eczema (and finally start living your lives again)!

Warmest Regards

Melissa x

P.S.        In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

When you join access The Eczema Roadmap (for just $197 USD) you will get access to the online portal full of on-demand online training that includes everything that you need so you are equipped with the tools, trainings, & guidance to save you countless years of "wrong" turns. 

You'll have access to a proven approach that will banish the overwhelm and gain you the information and confidence you need to move forward to help your child with eczema! 

Inside you will have access to the most up to date evidence-based methods for treating eczema PLUS expert interviews from people in the trenches, treating children every day.

You will get ongoing support in our private and confidential Facebook Community so you can make connections, receive peer support, feel understood and celebrate the wins together.

And every week you will have real time access to me, Dr Melissa Raymond in our weekly members-only "Office Hours"...where you have access to me for 1 hour every week to answer any questions you may have. 

Get your questions answered PLUS access past Q and A's are available for you to review too. 

Learn from others on the journey with you. You'll receive priceless support & insights to guarantee your successful transformation.

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love it, you have my Mum2Mum 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Sound fair? 

Then what are you waiting for!?!

Join me inside The Eczema Roadmap today!

PPS.    I know that $197 isn't loose change. You have invested your time and money before.

So at this point, it's really important that if there's anything holding you back from making the right decision for you and your child...

I help answer that for you now.

So I've taken the top questions I've been asked about The Eczema Roadmap and answered them below just in case you're wondering the same thing!
Your Questions Answered...
Is there a guarantee? 
Yes, I have my ‘Mum2Mum 14 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

Watch through the videos, see for yourself just how quickly you can understand the triggers and gain the confidence with how to move forward treating your child’s eczema. Follow along with my guides and have my checklists on hand. You’ll be so impressed with having this vital information at your fingertips you will wonder why you waited this long to get started.

And if you are like 99.9% of my clients you will be really happy with the quick and easy training that helps you take action for your child with eczema, instead of wasting time searching for this information yourself. However, in the unlikely event you are not, contact me directly within 14 days and I will courteously and promptly, give you your money back.

If you don't receive value in this program 'The Eczema Roadmap'  just email me within 14 days of receiving access to let me know and I will refund you your purchase price. I don't think it'll come to that, but if you're at all worried if this will work for you, then this makes it a no-brainer for you.

Either you are happy with the program or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!
Is this course helpful for adults with eczema?
While the videos and information shared in The Eczema Roadmap are directed at parents of kids with eczema, most of the strategies and information shared regarding gut health, diet, moisturising, reducing exposure to chemicals and natural health options are all still very applicable to adults too. Note that some of the statistics is from research in kids with eczema, but the majority of information is relevant for adults too. 
I have a different type of eczema or skin condition. Will this course be helpful for me too?
Some of the information shared in The Eczema Roadmap is specific to atopic eczema – e.g. statistics, research on moisturising, however many of the strategies and information shared regarding gut health, diet, moisturising, reducing exposure to chemicals and natural health options may still be applicable across other health conditions. We do not guarantee that.
Does purchasing The Eczema Roadmap replace working with a health care practitioner?
No. We strongly recommend that you continue to (or begin to) work with a qualified health practitioner that you trust Always seek the advice of your health practitioner prior to making any changes to diet, supplements, or lifestyle.
Will my child be cured of eczema with this course?
We do not propose that there is a cure for eczema. There are many known triggers and evidence-based approaches to addressing eczema and this course is pulls this information into one place. We strongly recommend that you work with a qualified health practitioner that is knowledgeable in gut health, nutrition and eczema and seek their advice prior to making any changes based on the information shared with you in The Eczema Roadmap.
Thanks so much for reading my letter today and I hope to hear from you soon! 

Dr Melissa x
DISCLAIMER: It's important to know that my results are not typical  nor is my experience. The information and opinions expressed herein, and all related informations, are intended strictly for educational and informational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply information contained in this program, you take full responsibility for your actions. Eczema is a complex condition and nothing is guaranteed. Information in The Eczema Roadmap has not been evaluated by any regulatory body and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease that you/your child may have and is not a substitute for working with a qualified health practitioner. Always consult with a qualified doctor or health care professional about matters relating to the health of you or your child, and with matters regarding diagnosis or medical treatment. Full medical clearance from a qualified health professional should be obtained prior to beginning or modifying any diet or lifestyle program; and your physician(s) should be informed of all nutritional or lifestyle changes. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PROGRAM. If you are looking for a guaranteed “quick fix“ or “cure“ then this program is also not for you.
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